Our teaching values: Safety – Compassion – Holistic Wellness


Your safety is the most important thing to us. We do everything thing we can to ensure we provide the safest yoga practice possible, as well as a safe environment for your practice. All of our Prenatal instructors are not only certified Yoga instructors at the 200 hour level or above, but are also Certified in Pre and Postnatal Yoga and continue training on a regular basis.


We do our best to make sure every person who comes to our classes- mamas, babies, toddlers and families-receive the utmost respect and care from us. We believe a compassionate heart is the only way to take good care of people, and to help mamas and families move through the transitions of parenthood in a healthy, supported way.

Holistic Wellness

We believe a regular yoga practice, whatever it is for you (a few deep breaths on a rough day or a downward facing dog while your kiddo crawls underneath) can truly heal and strengthen us down to our bones and cells. But we also know that mamas and families need many things to feel healthy and happy about life. So we will do everything we can to link everyone who comes to our classes with the resources they need to feel great!