Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is a lovely, healthy way to prepare your body and mind for pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum months! This class integrates gentle yoga poses, meditation and breathing to help promote physical strength, energy, flexibility and stress relief during pregnancy.  Practicing prenatal yoga can also help create more space in your body for your baby to move and grow, ease breathing and soothe common aches and pains related to pregnancy. Yoga provides an opportunity to further develop the connection between you and your baby, and a time to share this exciting journey in life with other mothers.  This class is recommended for women in the 2nd or 3rd trimester, or women in their 1st trimester who have an established yoga practice. For more about the benefits of Prenatal Yoga check out these links!

10 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga: What you need to know

5 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Mama & Baby Yoga

For new mamas and babies 6 weeks after delivery to crawling or moving babies (check schedule for class times for each age group). This class is a one hour gentle and strengthening yoga practice to support new mamas in getting to know their new mama body, and in helping to relieve stress and anxiety. The practice includes breathwork, core work, re-centering after birth and relaxation. The class also includes super cute gentle baby yoga that supports digestion, muscle strength, and cognitive development.

Nia- Babywearing Welcome

This dynamic movement class is open to Any Woman including Prenatal and Babywearing mamas. If you are babywearing for this class, please use a balanced carrier (not a one sided sling), preferably a soft structured carrier for optimal alignment.
Never practiced Nia? Here’s more about this inspiring practice:
Nia is a cardio dance group fitness class that incorporates martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. As an ongoing practice, Nia promotes mindfulness and holistic fitness and well-being.
Nia empowers people of all shapes and sizes to connect to their body, mind, emotions and spirit by paying attention to sensation.
Nia is practiced barefoot. Through non-impact choreography and listening to the intelligence of the body’s design, Nia delivers a holistic fitness experience. Every class is tailored and adapted to individual needs and abilities. Nia teachers are trained to show students a variety of intensity levels and ways to modify movements to safely condition their bodies.

Barre Core- Babywearing Welcome

This high impact Barre core class is a full body workout ideal for any woman anywhere in her exercise experience. Wear your baby while building core, back and pelvic floor strength and learn optimal positioning for your back, hips and pelvis to reduce babywearing discomfort. You may sweat a bit, and the energy for this class is high! The last 15 minutes are for cooling down, while babies are welcome to crawl freely around the studio. Please use a balanced carrier (not a one-sided sling) for this class, preferably a soft structured carrier such as a Boba. Babies of any age welcome!

Toddler Yoga

For Toddlers who are just beginning to walk, or who have been walking for a while. Kiddos in this class range in age from around 1 to 3. Learn to soothe your kiddo during stressful times, support healthy digestion and motor skills, and care for your kiddos mental/ emotional/ physical development. Much like a typical Yoga class, Toddler Yoga includes warm-ups, yoga poses, awareness practices and relaxation but in Toddler Yoga there is lots of fun to keep kiddos interested and stimulate their amazing little brains! Toddler Yoga is focused on supporting the physical and intellectual development of kiddos through Yoga exercise, Yoga play, story-time, songs, and counting. Toddler Yoga is focused on the kiddos and parents are encouraged to participate in order to learn and share the yoga practice at home in family’s everyday life.